ZenChain Protocol

A dedicated blockchain that is optimized specifically for DeFi and NTFs

What is ZenChain?

Scalable, high-throughput Blockchain

Proof-of-Stake blockchain, built using the Cosmos SDK which runs on top of the Tendermint Core consensus engine.


Support cross-chain with bridge solution between Ethereum, Binance smartchain, Tron and more

Built for Defi & NTFs

With built-in core DApp for Defi & NTFs – ZenChain is ready for Defi & NTFs ecosystem from start

Built-in DApps

Contain all core DeFi applications and all applications supported for NTFs. Check the review of NFTs to learn how beneficial it is to invest in NFTs.

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Lending & Borrowing

Stable coin

NTFs Minting

NFTs Auction

NFTs Renting

ZenChain lets you work more.

ZenChain enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a flexible and rewarding way.

For Developers

With ZenChain’s EVM support, it is straightforward to brings ideas from Ethereum dapps to ZenChain ecosystem. The high scalability and interoperability of ZenChain can drive new innovations into this space

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For cryptor investors

Delegate your tokens and start earning staking reward or liquid provide to DEX and Lending DApps to earn reward. In addition to earning rewards, you can double the money by trading cryptocurrency via bitcoin trader kryptoszene.de, which is an automated trading system that claims to help investors gain profit from the crypto market.

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For Validators

Become ZenChain’s validator to earn block reward

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Esther Wong

Christopher Chan

Kawasaki Takao
Teach lead

Frequently asked question

What is ZEN token?

The use cases intended for ZEN include but are not limited to: protocol governance, exchange fee value capture, derivative collateralization, liquidity mining, and staking

How can i get ZEN?

ZEN will sale in three round: 6% for seed sale, 15% for private sale, and 25% for public sale. Public sale ZEN will start in Q2.2021

How much payment does it take to participate?

Mininum payment is 100 USD and maximum payment is 10.000 USD

Can I resell the ZEN?

Yes, as ZEN token sale in public sale, without token locked, you can sell ZEN instantly (but seem early to get more profit with ZEN)

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